Backbone-In-A-Box Ties Into 10,000 Miles Of 9.95Gbps Fiber

AGIS, the fourth largest independent network backbone provider in the U.S., has released Backbone-In-A-Box, a new service that allows businesses to operate their own backbone network at speeds up to 2.49Gbps.

Described as a “revolutionary product,” it follows AGIS’ purchase of 10,000 SONET-protected route miles of OC-192 (9.95Gbps) fiber from Qwest Communications International, earlier this year.

Phillip Lawlor, AGIS president and CEO, said: “A combination of a lack of infrastructure-investment capital, political frustration, and a shortage of technical competence has prevented companies from attaining their own identity as true Internet players.

AGIS is empowering those entrepreneurial firms with a fully-managed network service that repositions the power within the firm and allows such companies to control their own destinies.”

Backbone-In-A-Box will allow organizations to configure a customized, first-tier private network at speeds between 45Mbps (DS-3) to 2.49Gbps (OC-48). Users of each nationwide network will have 200 POP locations from which to choose for connectivity.

Observed Cary Joshi, director of Corporate Development at AGIS: “Successful businesses are demanding that their network be as reliable as their electricity or their natural gas.”

Existing AGIS users include Alltel, Ameritech, Ericsson, Perot Systems, Volkswagen, and EDS.

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