Bank Of Montreal Investorline Debuts Fundfinder Site

Bank of Montreal
has launched its Internet-based InvestorLine discount mutual fund brokerage

Customers can access information on over 1,100 mutual funds by asset class,
performance, RRSP eligibility, and management expense ratios (MERs).

FundFinder displays a detailed profile for the funds, including annual returns, quartile rankings, RRSP eligibility, total fund assets, loads, MERs, and comparisons with associated benchmarks, such as the TSE 300.

Once an investment decision has been made, customers can place an order on the same Web site or contact an InvestorLine representative. A 20 percent discount applies to orders for front end load funds which are placed on the site.

The database is available exclusively on InvestorLine’s Web site. A demonstration is now available on the site.

“FundFinder is one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated systems of
its kind that enables customers to pull up information quickly, efficiently
and at no additional cost, so that our clients can choose the funds that are
best for them,” said Bruce Schwenger, President, InvestorLine.

InvestorLine is part of Bank of Montreal’s North American Asset Management
group, which combines the bank’s full range of mutual fund and institutional
asset management services in Canada and the United States, with total assets
of $33 billion.

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