Banks Report Moderate Call for T-Online Subscription

Online banks have easily coped with the first onrush on the
T-Online stock.

The price span lay between 26 and 32 euros, and server
failures and overloads were not in evidence, unlike in the case of the
recent german IPO of processor specialist Infineon.

Direkt Anlage Bank
spokesman Matthias Kroner told that “everything ran
smoothly” on the first day of subscription on his servers. As of Monday, 9,395 subscription applications had been collected. All in all
however, there has been a smaller run on the stock than was the case with

Mathias Hajek of Comdirect also commented that online subscription in the
T-Online stock had begun hesitantly yesterday. He said that on Monday the company had only had 15,000 subscriptions,
but later in the week this has increased to 46,700. 80 percent of
subscriptions for the
stock have taken place online.

Klaus Winker, spokesman for Deutsche Bank 24, denied reports in the media that claimed
there were problems with its servers. The bank told,
however, that addition of the correct stock prices was delayed until 10 am,
which hindered availability before this time.

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