Bell Mobility, JTEL Target Wireless Internet Services

Bell Mobility
and PDA manufacturer JTEL are teaming up to provide wireless
Internet services via Bell Mobility’s CDMA wireless data network using
JTEL’s CellVic.

The announcement follows the successful completion of trials on wireless Internet services, which were conducted by connecting JTEL’s CellVic PDA to data-enabled
mobile phones operating on Bell Mobility’s CDMA network.

The partnership will provide Bell Mobility and JTEL subscribers with
wireless PDA access to e-mail and JTEL’S Micro Web Browser.

“JTEL is pleased to work with North America’s leading CDMA data service
provider — Bell Mobility. The wireless Internet access provided by Bell
Mobility is ideally suited to CellVic’s Internet capabilities,” said Dong
Hoon Shin, President of JTEL. “We hope to provide a real wireless Internet
experience to customers at an affordable price.”

JTEL is a total solution provider of mobile computing platforms and
solutions for both consumer and corporate PDA markets. The Korea Economy
selected JTEL as one of the top 20 creative enterprise companies
in Korea.

In May 1999, JTEL became the first PCS company in North America to put an
Internet browser into a digital PCS phone.

Bell Mobility, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bell Canada, provides a complete
range of wireless communications solutions–cellular, paging, data,
satellite, PCS, and airline passenger communications services–to over two
million Canadian customers.

JTEL’s unit has been
the best selling product in its category within its domestic Korean

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