Big Planet to Speed Up Qwest in $65 Million Deal

Multimedia communications company Qwest Communications International Inc.
today signed a four-year, $65 million contract with network firm Big Planet to provide communications
services, including high-speed connectivity, to the Qwest network and long
distance service.

In addition to the network services, the agreement calls for Qwest’s
commercial and consumer services to be offered via Big Planet’s
InterNetworking distribution channel, a person-to-person marketing tool.
Also as part of the deal, next year Big Planet is scheduled to offer
customers IP-based telephony services from Qwest, as well as other products
and services designed to improve network performance.

“The Internet is rapidly becoming an effective and integral means to sell
high end telecommunications services,” said Lew Wilks, president of
business markets for Qwest.

“Along with their Web based approach, Big Planet’s person-to-person
marketing force clearly
positions them to take advantage of this growing
opportunity. Big Planet represents another example of Qwest’s
innovation in building creative distribution channels in the communications

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