Bigfoot Introduces Permanent Web Page Redirection

Bigfoot Partners introduced permanent
Web page
redirection as a free service for its members.

Named PermaWeb, the service turns home page addresses into what the vendor
calls “lifelong points of contact for friends, relatives and business

Lenny Barshack, CEO and co-founder of Bigfoot, said: “The Bigfoot for Life
service is part of our effort to make the Internet more functional for the
end-user. With the free PermaWeb service we offer consumers a way to
stake their claim on the web and never have to worry about changing their
homepage addresses, no matter how many times they change Web hosting

Under the PermaWeb scheme, users are assigned a URL (such as
jsmith) that automatically redirects a page request to
the member’s current Web address. Hence, even if the member has recently
changed his or her Web hosting service, users will still be able to use the
permanent address. To make the scheme work properly, members need to
change their profile at the Bigfoot site whenever they change the physical
address of their home pages.

Bigfoot also offers permanent e-mail addresses, together with the NeoPlanet
Web browser and the popular Bigfoot Directories.

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