Biztone Signs Up 1st U.S. Customer

Former Malaysia based Inc, a provider of rental
enterprise resource planning applications over the Internet, has signed up
San Francisco based
as its first U.S. customer.

despatchNet develops enterprise solutions for couriers, car service,
emergency and other despatch industries, and will incorporate BizTone ERP
suite for tracking and reporting on all financial transactions.

BizTone is hoping to capitalize on the growing movement in the US market
towards renting ERP Internet-delivered applications instead of spending
capital on in-house ERP.

Commonly referred to as applications service providers, young companies
like BizTone are among a handful of players driving the burgeoning software
rental market by delivering mission critical services to corporate
customers via the Internet.

BiTone’s CEO Darryl Carlton commented that the company permits enterprises
to simply contract out the ownership and entire operation of the software
permitting them to forego building their own infrastructure to manage
costly business applications.

“Our customers don’t need to pay and own their own software and hardware
systems, so they don’t have to hire expert staff to run their business
applications,” said Carlton. “The idea is to deliver software to corporate
customers all over the world as a utility and they pay only for what they
use, on a per-transaction basis.”

“The premise is simple – companies don’t run their own power source or
phone system, and just like us, someone else provides those services and
the customer is billed according to how much they use,” added Carlton.

Industry analysts appear to concur with this. Forrester Research estimates
that the applications rental market will move from next to nothing to US$6
billion by 2002.

The BizTone’s flagship product is BizTone Version 1.0, supposedly the first
Java-based enterprise resource management (ERM) suite to be delivered as a
service over the Internet.

BizTone continually raves about its hiring of Miko Matsumura from Sun
Microsystems who is described by them as a “Java Messiah” of the software age.

BizTone originated in Malaysia as Datek but recently changed it’s name in
line with a globalization plan which well-connected sources within
Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor
(MSC) said is a direct result of the country’s economic difficulties and
the near insolvency of the Multimedia
Development Corporation
, the caretaker of the MSC.

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