Bluetooth P2P Client Shown

A peer-to-peer (P2P) client for handhelds based on Bluetooth has been released, Sweden-based Pocit Labs says.

The BlueTalk client will enable handhelds to communicate directly with other Bluetooth devices. Pocit’s technology takes advantage of the fact that Bluetooth creates connections on an ad hoc basis as Bluetooth-enabled devices sense each others’ presence.

Pocit says that the technology will lead to development of a new type of application that takes advantage of these capabilities.

“Today, most companies see Bluetooth as a cable replacement and as a link between a handheld device and a hotspot that is connected to a local network or the Internet,” said Christer Rindebratt, President and CEO of Pocit Labs. “However, we foresee that most Bluetooth traffic will take place between handheld devices without any hotspot infrastructure.”

Versions of BlueTalk will be prereleased in June.

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