Book Name Before .ca Domain Change

[Ottawa, CANADA] In anticipation of the lifting of Canadian
restrictions on Internet domain names,
is sponsoring pre-booking registration for a top level .ca domain name.

This allows anyone to reserve, on a first come first served basis, a .ca
name. When the rules change later this fall, will attempt to
register all new names on behalf of the applicants who have pre-booked
with the firm.

Users choose as many .ca domain names as they want to register through
an automated Web system.
They are assigned a user ID and password which allow them to check the
status of chosen domains, add new domains and remove domains no longer
desired. Since domains will be registered on a first come, first served
basis, if a chosen domain name is deleted, and then re-submitted to the
list, it will be added to the bottom of the queue.

Once the restrictions are eliminated, will attempt to
register the name(s) on the registrants behalf.

Under existing regulations, companies and individuals were frequently
denied .ca names due to their level of incorporation or restricted to
only one .ca name. Only organizations that had incorporated federally
could apply and receive a top-level .ca domain name. The new
regulations, administered by the Canadian Internet Registration
Authority (CIRA), will allow anyone to have a .ca domain name. This
change lets companies protect all of their trademarks with a range of
.ca names, one for each of their products or brand names.

Internic’s pre-booking service is free. Applicants are only charged if
the domain name chosen is registered. At that point, Internic will charge
a standard registration fee., has offered domain name registration services to Canadians
since 1998. It is part of the family of online
businesses. CIRA is a not-for-profit Canadian corporation that is taking
over registry responsibility for .ca domains.

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