Brazilian Microsoft Web Site Hacked

A Brazilian group of hackers that call themselves InSaNiTy ZiNe c0rp. hacked the Brazilian Microsoft Web site last Saturday afternoon.

The page was taken offline Saturday afternoon and anybody who tried to access it got a black
screen and the hacker’s message. The hackers asked how come Microsoft, the one who has created
IIS servers and is so worried about showing the security of its products, exhibit
such precarious security on its own Web site.

The message went on: “This is a message for the Brazilian [hackers] groups: let’s drop this “friendly” thing. Why do you only scratch sites? Let’s study a little more – have a bit more of creativity, ok?.”

Thomas Viertler, Manager of MSN Brasil, said the Brazilian
Microsoft site is on a server in the U.S. and can be accessed by the
URL Microsoft Brazil uses a third party server via a Brazilian ISP,
whose name Mr. Viertler did not disclose in order store the domain,
which is used only to redirect users to the site stored in the U.S.

Viertler also said only the Brazilian server was the victim of the hackers’ attack and not the main
server, located in the U.S. The fact is the attack blocked the access to the Brazilian
Microsoft page during all Saturday afternoon.

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