BroadVision, ScreamingMedia Start Stream Team

ScreamingMedia has entered into a technology alliance with BroadVision reports Kevin Clark, CEO of ScreamingMedia. The partnership will allow BroadVision customers, like Invacare and the Online Asset Exchange, to target their users with personalized content from ScreamingMedia.

Together ScreamingMedia and BroadVision have developed an “adapter” that connects the two companies’ technologies. The adapter enables all of the 1,100-plus websites currently using BroadVision software, as well as the companies’ joint clients, to receive ScreamingMedia’s content in real-time. ScreamingMedia’s filtered content is integrated into BroadVision’s customers’ websites and personalized to fit their end-user’s profile.

ScreamingMedia’s technology aggregates content–news, features, photos, audio and video–from over 2,800 publications and filters, delivers and integrates it into customers’ websites. ScreamingMedia’s technology is scalable and designed to integrate with all types of operational platforms.

BroadVision One-To-One applications offer individualized, real-time targeting of Web interactions and transactions through customized business rules, profiling, clickstream analysis and tools for business users.

“As a market leader in one-to-one personalization on the Internet, BroadVision is an ideal partner for ScreamingMedia,” said Kevin Clark, CEO of ScreamingMedia. “This partnership will provide customers with the ability to individualize their sites and provide extremely targeted content in real-time.”

“By partnering with ScreamingMedia we are offering our customers access to an unparalleled amount of fresh, relevant and specifically filtered content aggregated from over 2,800 publications. BroadVision and ScreamingMedia share the same goal–making sites dynamic, personalized and ‘sticky.’ ScreamingMedia’s audio, video and text content is a perfect complement to the services BroadVision offers,” said Cliff Aspey, vice president of solutions marketing for BroadVision.

“BroadVision’s technology has allowed us to track the profiles of our users and offer information targeted specifically to their needs. Now with the added value of customized content from ScreamingMedia, we will undoubtedly increase both the ‘stickiness’ and rate of return on our site,” said Steve Neese, vice president of eCommerce for Invacare.

Norm Bastin, executive vice president and co-Founder of the Online Asset Exchange added, “It is extremely important for us to know our visitors and be able to offer them the information they need in real-time. This new adapter offers us one complete solution–giving us the ability to specifically identify our users’ needs and immediately provide them with all the information they want.”

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