Bruce Springsteen Loses Legal Battle

He may be The Boss on the concert stage, but in a Geneva courtroom Wednesday
rock star Bruce Springsteen was a loser.

The performer lost the battle to evict a Canadian fan club from a Web
site sporting the URL

In a split decision, the three-member panel ruled that Jeff Burgar and
the Bruce Springsteen Club had not violated the musician’s rights.

According to the ruling, Burgar demonstrated that he has some legitimate
interests regarding the domain name and that the performer failed to prove
that the domain name was registered in bad faith.

The decision, though unusual, puts Springsteen in step with his
colleague, Sting, who recently lost a similar contest.

Madonna, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and the estate of Jimi Hendrix are
among celebrities who have been successful in evicting cyber squatters.

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