Brussels Will Host World’s First VR Conference

The world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) conference
will be held in Brussels, Belgium, July 5-7, 1999.

It is
expected to be a sell-out and similar events may be held in
both the United States and Japan, said organisers VR
World Congress.

The new event will cover VR systems, products and services,
with demonstrations, applications, case studies, predictions,
opinion, and debate. Users, researchers and suppliers will
take part, and they can expect to see an increasingly diverse
range of applications.

Say the organisers, VR is now being used to train surgeons,
design buildings, prototype automobiles, evaluate candidates
for employment, visualise complex data, plan factories, simulate
for education, sell products, and many other applications.

is also building ever-closer connections with the Internet,
adding interactive 3D to the World Wide Web.

Sponsors of the event include the European Commission, CadCentre
from the UK, and other companies from Germany, the United States,
Spain and elsewhere.

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