Bull Launches New Smart Card in France

Bull has launched its iSimplify smart card at the Cartes ’99 exhibition.

The card memorizes all the online shopping data of a user: passwords,
bookmarks or favorites, mail accounts, etc. The password-protected product targets users who have several Internet accounts, passwords or mailboxes.

The card can be read through the SmartCard format (PC/SC), or into a mobile phone with a slot, or a TV decoder.

Bull also announced that the card is IP-compatible, which means that it can open dialogue with a client- or server-side computer and launch connection scripts to the Internet, allowing the user to access bookmarked sites and personal data.

The technology will soon be licensed to several ISPs, with the intention of spreading the product among users.

After developing the Monéo and Modeus electronic wallets, Bull has
since launched an electronic signature card called Crypto
Safe and the iSimplify card.

The company hopes to turn the security-oriented Oversoft technology, which runs the various products, into the
standard of Internet smart cards. Around 250 million Internet cards are expected to spread on the market by 2003.

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