C-COM Bridges the Last Mile for Business, Residential Users

[Ottawa, CANADA] COM Satellite Systems
(see: C-COM

Launches First High-Speed Internet Cell Modem, November 7, 2000) launched iNetVu Fixed
Edition today. The new service is a high-speed Internet service that
offers access and corporate virtual private network (VPN)
connectivity at ADSL, DSL, and cable speeds via satellite.

“The market for high-speed Internet access based on satellite is
substantial since there are so many regions where DSL and cable
connections are not available,” said Leslie Klein, the president and
chief executive officer of C-COM Satellite Systems.

“Availability of DSL and cable services tends to be concentrated in
large urban areas. iNetVu Fixed Edition overcomes these limitations
with the use of satellite coverage which makes it possible to deliver
high-speed Internet services to corporate and residential users
outside the reach of current DSL and cable services.”

iNetVu Fixed Edition is a first generation of low cost high-speed
satellite-based Internet service. It utilizes a proprietary
C-COM-developed satellite hub and associated software technology to deliver
Internet access via a 76cm (2.5 feet) satellite dish.

iNetVu product support is also included in the service offering. The
standard iNetVu Fixed Edition package offers speeds of up to 400
kilobits per second for the recreational user and up to one megabit
per second for teleworkers and corporate users.

Both systems are scalable up to seven megabits for corporate users’
needs. The system features an added value for businesses and
teleworkers by providing them with an access to their company’s
virtual private network (VPN) as well as 24/7 help desk and online
support, coverage throughout North America, low cost bandwidth using
asymmetrical links, and single- or multi-user systems.

“There are many people who need to access their office files or their
corporate network from home. iNetVu Fixed Edition bridges that last
mile,” said Scott Walker, C-COM Satellite Systems vice president of
Sales and Marketing.

C-COM Satellite Systems (CDNX:CMI) develops satellite-based
technology that allows the delivery of high-speed Internet services.
Its iNetVu, Roamer and TurboCell systems deliver satellite and
cellular-based solutions for mobile, transportable, or fixed
applications throughout Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean.

C-COMs services are used by business organizations that require the
use of satellite- or cellular-based fixed and mobile solutions such
as police forces, emergency vehicles, trucking companies,
recreational vehicles, yachts, shipping fleets, ferries, commercial
vessels, cruise ships, and utility vehicles.


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