Caldera Expands Professional Services Offerings

Continuing with the roll-out of its newly expanded and renamed business, Caldera International introduced its Professional Services offerings Monday, building on the presence initially forged by .SCO’s Professional Services Division, which it recently acquired, in the small footprint and dedicated systems markets.

The tailoring of systems for the enterprise market is currently being targeted by a number of Linux players as an area for strong business growth, and Caldera now has the expertise to further its remit of integrating UNIX and Linux across a number of niche enterprise segments, including Point-of-Sale terminals, gaming platforms –including arcade machines — as well as customized desktop clients and specialist servers.

Caldera has drawn on the example of a UK business, Linetex Computer Group, to show how they can tailor Linux and UNIX function for custom demands. Linetex maintains computer hardware and operating systems for businesses at over 3,000 locations around the country, and called upon the services of Caldera to create a low-cost, optimised small hardware footprint server based on Linux, to undertake remote server and network monitoring for their clients.

With the backing of IBM, which has gone to the lengths of spraying San Francisco and Chicago with Linux graffiti in its promotional activity, businesses seem likely to catch on to the cost, stability and functional benefits of Linux in custom areas, and players such as Caldera and SuSE, who are actively targeting the enterprise sector are likely to profit from this.

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