Caldera, Inktomi and OnSat Deliver Internet Bandwidth Via Satellite With Essential Extras

Caldera Thin Clients, Inktomi, and OnSat Network
are delivering Internet bandwidth via satellite complete
with set-top devices and caching software.

The solution uses Caldera’s low-cost, graphical set-top devices at the consumer end, with Inktomi’s
network cache deployed throughout the system.

Headed by OnSat, the solution has a global reach, with immediate
worldwide availability. It uses Caldera’s embedded Internet set-top
software DR-WebSpyder in preference to the Microsoft Web-TV
solution. DR-WebSpyder converts televisions and low-resource embedded
devices into Internet access and e-mail client devices.

“This initiative is the first to couple Internet bandwidth delivery through
satellites with a consumer-oriented software interface that is stable,
affordable and highly customizable,” said Roger Gross, president and CEO of Caldera Thin Clients, commented. “The use of DR-WebSpyder enables
OnSat to provide Internet access, e-mail, voice mail and other electronic
services, like financial smart cards, even to remote and underdeveloped
areas of the world.”

OnSat recently completed a pilot program with several ISPs in the
United States and can now extend the service worldwide.

Startec, a South
Africa-based company, is implementing the solution to make Internet and
e-mail access available to remote villages in Sub-Saharan Africa. The
satellite solution can reach where ISP accounts via land lines are
unavailable–making the Internet accessible to people in some of the most
far-flung parts of the world.

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