Canada Post Launches National EPOST Service

All Canadians can register for a free Electronic
Post Office Box at EPOST,
launched by Canada Post Corp. and Cebra Inc.

EPOST aims to help companies save money in the distribution of bills through an
application that requires security, privacy and links to bill payment
systems. EPOST expects that the product will allow companies to realize the efficiencies of

Canadians will also be able to use their Electronic Post Office
Boxes to communicate with each other, businesses and government
departments and agencies for information including letters, advertising
and statements.

Communications and transactions conducted through EPOST are protected by
encryption technology and mail sent to an Electronic Post Office Box
or EPOB can be reached by the intended recipient from virtually any
computer with Internet access.

When users set up their EPOB, they can specify from whom they want to
receive commercial mail and the nature of the mail they choose to
receive – from bills and statements to flyers and advertising features.

“Canada Post and Cebra are making a significant contribution to our goal
of making Canada the most connected country in the world,” said John Manley, Minister of Industry.

Canada Post Corp.
is a crown corporation established in 1981 to provide postal services
that were formerly the responsibility of the Post Office. Cebra Inc., a
member of the Bank of Montreal Group of companies, provides
Internet-based business-to-business solutions.

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