Canadian Telco Chooses Eicon ISDN Modem

Eicon Technology
signed a distribution agreement with Canadian-based RYCOM Inc. to provide its DIVA T/A ISDN modem
to Bell Canada.

The modem is designed to offer Bell’s corporate customers fast,
reliable remote access connections to LANs and the Internet.

Introduced earlier this year, the modem is made to allow users to access the Internet, place a phone call, and send or receive a fax simultaneously on one digital ISDN telephone line.

“The DIVA will give our ISDN customers more features and flexibility at a
price that marks a true breakthrough in the market place for a product of
this caliber,” said Mark Hanlon, a Bell Canada Vice-President. “This comes
at a time when we are witnessing an ISDN renaissance of global proportions.
It reaffirms Bell’s commitment to switched digital access, and is another
step towards our vision of providing digital connectivity to every desktop.”

“Eicon will offer the Canadian market a flexible, sophisticated product that simply connects to the Internet, telephone and fax devices,” said Ken Gingrich, Eicon’s Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing Operations. “It is this combination of easy installation, reliability, and high performance which makes Eicon’s DIVA T/A ISDN Modem the obvious choice for the Canadian market.”

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