Canadians Offered New National ISP

PC integrator of has merged with Canadian
ISP Cyberus Online Inc. to offer new products and services for
Cyberus Online customers.

“Our alliance with Cyberus is an exciting addition to our rapid
expansion plan. Our goal of becoming the leading one-stop-shop for
bundled communications services is driven by mergers with leading
ISPs such as Cyberus,” said Campbell Angus, president and COO of Texas-based

Cyberus Online Inc. was incorporated in 1995 and its customer base has
serviced over 30,000 subscribers becoming Ottawa’s largest ISP. It is
accessed through 17 local points nationally.

“ allows us to further expand our presence across Canada through
a tremendous distribution network while offering a new bundled
PC/Internet access solution to our customers,” said Parm Gill,
co-founder of Cyberus Online. is a member of the Edge Group and a sister company to Edge Wholesale, Inc. Through this relationship has access to direct manufactured personal computers and information appliances, and offers customers a bundled Internet service package, including either a PC or

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