Casio, Siemens To Team On New CE Device

Casio and Siemens’ Communication Devices division
announced that they will co-develop a wireless, multimedia- and telephone-capable
palm-sized handheld based on Windows CE.

The device initially is aimed at the European GSM market, but can be adapted to
CDMA technology, which is more commonly used in North America, the
companies say. They also say that the device will be compatible with
higher-bandwidth standards such as GPRS and third-generation wireless

In an announcement, the two companies say they “are aiming to capture a
significant amount of worldwide sales for wireless Internet devices with a PDA
form factor.”

The two companies say they are committed to showing a prototype of the
still-unnamed device at the CeBIT 2000 show in Hanover, Germany in February.
The said this device will be the first in a line of such devices.

The companies say that the device will have a full-color touch screen, wireless
Internet access and full telephone features, as well as the ability to manage
personal information. They say the device also will feature seamless connections
to Microsoft Exchange Server-based information.

Casio’s Cassiopeia handhelds are generally credited by market analysts as having
the greatest market share of any Windows CE devices. Overall, however,
Windows CE has a fraction of the market share of the Palm OS. Other vendors,
such as Philips and Everex, have stopped developing Windows CE devices.

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