CastUP Hopes to be Major Player with Streaming Media

[Tel Aviv, ISRAEL] With the Internet about to experience a
transformation where streaming media becomes a standard element – an
integral part of every successful Web site or portal – CastUP wants to be one of
the major players in this quickly developing area of the Internet.

The ultimate aim of streaming media companies is to enable high-impact rich
media such as TV-quality video and broadcast audio to be delivered with
unprecedented speed, reliability and clarity. This will allow revolutionary new
“net” services to become feasible, built upon technical realities that today’s
Internet inventors and pioneers are just beginning to address.

Live media streaming to millions of people composed of high-resolution
images and other high bandwidth media constitute the “raison d’etre” for this
new Internet bandwidth “pipedream.”

CastUP chief executive Avi Ostfeld says the company’s mission is to create
the technology that makes streaming media accessible to all.

“Whether it’s streaming audio or video, rich media on the Web is already
popular,” he says. “My company offers a total solution for hosting service
providers in the form of enormously profitable added-value streaming media
packages that can enable any site builder or user to easily and instantly
embed high-quality, streaming video or audio into their Web sites.”

CastUP Nile – the company’s flagship product – is a comprehensive solution
for hosting service providers that enables integration of streaming video and
audio into Web sites. The company claims the system is both versatile and
robust, providing streaming technology and infrastructure facilitation for both
service providers and site builders.

The system handles hosting, serving, encoding, accounting, billing, QOS and
media management, while supporting all popular media types and formats.
The company says the system encodes and pre-processes rich media into
streaming media and returns one line of code for simple embedding into a
Web site.

It can detect viewers’ attributes, such as geographical location, available
bandwidth, the type of media player client and Web browser to provide an
optimal rich media experience. The software can also track streaming media
usage and feed it to a billing system.

CastUP is a privately held, venture capital financed company with offices
located in Tel Aviv and Boston. It was founded in 1999.

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