Certicom, Critical Path Deliver Advanced Security to Internet Messaging

Critical Path,
, a provider of business-to-business Internet messaging solutions, signed
signed a strategic relationship with Certicom Corp.,
Canada’s provider of next-generation encryption technology, to integrate
Certicom’s SSL technology into Critical Path’s Internet messaging.

By integrating Certicom’s SSL Plus 3.0 technology, Critical Path said it will provide
e-mail users with complete confidence in the security of its e-mail
communications. Critical Path’s security features protect user names,
passwords, messages and attachments during email sessions between the client
and the server.

“Through our relationship with Certicom, we are able to offer our customers the highest
level of security regardless of whether they are transacting business,
communicating with remote offices, business partners, customers or traveling
and telecommuting employees,” said Doug Hickey, president and CEO of Critical Path, Inc.

“Companies are looking to Critical Path not only for the most reliable and
scalable e-mail solution, but one that offers the robust security which they can
build their e-commerce business on as well,” said Rick Dalmazzi,
president of Certicom. Certicom’s cryptographic research and product
development is based in Toronto, Canada.

For e-commerce to take hold, and be a replacement for traditional EDI,
consumers and businesses are demanding secure mechanisms for transporting data
between two parties via the Internet, to protect both the integrity of the
information and to verify the identity of senders and recipients.

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