Chaos Takes on the Top 40

Online music provider ChaosMusic has joined with mcm
entertainment to provide a co-branded e-commerce store to the take40 Web site.

Under the deal, chaosMusic will maintain an exclusive retail position on
the take40 site, providing back-end infrastructure and technology
fulfillment, and sourcing local and international titles through its
operation in Melbourne.

ChaosMusic chief executive officer Rob Appel said the deal was the start
of a long-term advertising arrangement between the two entertainment
providers. “mcm and ChaosMusic will also be considering the application of
e-commerce facilities to other popular entertainment properties such as
Hots Hits, Planet Rock and Party Hard,” said Appel.

Based on the national radio countdown programme, the Commonwealth Bank
Take 40, the online countdown attracted the two entertainment content
providers following its successful Bardot Webcast concert last week.

The Take40 site, which features ARIA Top 40 chart music, US and UK
charts and a CyberLounge, will incorporate and make available all existing
content on the ChaosMusic site, including the interactive ChartZone
facility and catalogue of 400,000 titles.

mcm e-business manager Dean Morrison said ChaosMusic’s ability to build
the back-end of the e-commerce store was the most efficient way take40
could supply users with their favourite music and domestic fulfilment.

“The useability and integration of the unique e-store will allow take40
visitors to purchase CDs or other music products without ever leaving the
site,” said Morrison.

Traffic to the site will be driven nationally through the weekly radio
program Australia-wide.

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