Chase Bobko Makes Presence at UW

In both the presidential and local senatorial races, education has become one of the hottest issues facing the candidates. One of the major questions is how to address the issue of educating a workforce in newly emerging technological fields.

Seattle’s Bob Boiko, CTO of Chase Bobko, Inc., has decided to do his part to contribute to this type of practical education. Officials at Chase Bobko announced yesterday that Boiko, along with a team of the company’s experts, will teach a 400 level course on content management beginning this Fall quarter at the University of Washington.

“Content management is an exploding need among the high-tech corporate world, and today’s leading higher education institutions such as the University of Washington are doing their best to prepare and deliver experienced and technically savvy professionals to serve this new market,” says Boiko. “We are very excited to be able to help the University of Washington meet their educational goal of providing leading edge courses on the latest technology.”

The course is a joint venture between Chase Bobko, Inc., the University of Washington Department of Technical Communication, and the University of Washington Information School.

Boiko’s course will focus on single sourcing and electronic publishing systems, and will employ real life theories that are applied in the company’s client projects.

Through this type of learning, students will be able to use these methodologies to apply to their classroom activities.

Boiko will teach the class in conjunction with Judy Ramey, Professor and Chair of the Department of Technical Communication at the University of Washington.

“Chase Bobko, Inc. is a leading expert on content management and we are very impressed with both their technical and business insights,” says Ramey. “We believe the Chase Bobko team will add a tremendous amount of value to our curriculum, providing students with the latest scholarship and hands-on expertise in the arena of content management.”

Chase Bobko, Inc. and the University of Washington plan to follow the course with independent study, internships, and a possible credential program in content management, which will allow the students to apply their learning to outside organizations.

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