Check Point Software Unveils Floodgate-1 for NT

Check Point Software Technologies
FloodGate-1, its policy-based bandwidth management solution for the
Windows NT platform.

Demonstrated to visitors at a conference in San
Diego this week, FloodGate-1 allows organizations to set and manage
enterprise-wide policies for controlling bandwidth resources.

Deborah Triant, president and CEO of Check Point Software Technologies,
said: “As an increasing number of Internet and intranet servers are deployed
using the Windows NT platform, the need for a product such as FloodGate-1
that can alleviate the network congestion at those access points and enable
organizations to achieve optimum network performance is essential.”

FloodGate-1 supports thousands of simultaneous connections and is highly
scalable for large enterprise networks. It has powerful, real-time traffic
monitoring capabilities that can diagnose network congestion problems. In
turn, this allows the network manager to set an appropriate policy to ensure
that critical applications and users have priority.

FloodGate-1 can be used in conjunction with FireWall-1 on the same system,
enabling close integration of an organization’s security and traffic
policies. The vendor also points out that there are both security and
performance benefits to be obtained by using a firewall and a bandwidth
management system from the same developer. In this case, claims Check
Point, “it equates to the most efficient traffic inspection and performance
in the

FloodGate-1 for Windows NT, consisting of the FloodGate-1 Module and
Management Server, will be available “on or before” March 2, 1998.
FloodGate-1 pricing starts at $4,995 for dialup lines up to 256K; $9,995 for
T1 and E1 lines and $18,990 for 10Mbps.

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