China Reaffirms Censorship Policy for Internet

China has the largest Internet population in the world, making it a magnet for tech firms that are seeking new customers and market. But the central government there continues to stand firmly by its policy of Internet restriction and censorship, even as some American firms are losing patience with the country and leaving. What’s the potential impact? Datamation finds out.

China is reaffirming its policy of restricting access to objectionable content on the Web, outlining the government’s agenda of broadening Internet access and usage while maintaining a strict legal framework in a white paper released Tuesday.

In the English translation of the document, the Chinese government provides a lengthy defense of its Internet policies, at once asserting that it promotes free speech while adhering to a set of “laws and regulations [that] clearly prohibit the spread of information that contains contents subverting state power.”

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China Defends Internet Censorship Policy

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