China Survey Finds 71% Of Non-Users Interested In Web

According to a survey by Beijing-based Sinclair Company, 71.2 percent of non-Internet users in China are interested in getting on the Web.

With official sponsorship from the Ministry of Information Industry, Sinclair launched the survey nationally to discover how much of the population was interested in the Internet.

Sinclair’s survey was implemented by a questionnaire which was distributed throughout the country via printed and online media.

There were 10,408 effective respondents; more than 85 percent were below the age of 35 and 77 percent had received a college education.

The survey also found that 70.8 percent of China’s online users utilize the Internet to send and receive e-mails while 85.6 percent of surfers are looking for information about politics, society, technology, and science.

Approximately sixty-six percent of the survey’s Web-using respondents said that they had computers at home and online users surfed the Web for an average of 16 minutes per week.

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