CIOs Look to Cautious IT Hiring Plans

CIOs Look to Cautious IT Hiring Plans

Even as the economy lurches back to health, executives aren’t looking to pad their ranks with technology workers, according to a new survey from the staffing and consulting firm Robert Half International.

In fact, IT firms are planning only to hire about half as many workers as businesses in other sectors. That slump is owed in part to weak sales as well as a shortage of qualified applicants, Robert Half reports. Nevertheless, CIOs continue to believe that their departmental initiatives will play a key role in their businesses’ growth plans — even though their hiring expectations remain largely stagnant. CIO Update takes a look.

CIOs at leading technology companies are planning to increase their headcount in the fourth quarter, but not at a rate that suggests the industry is anywhere near ready for bounds of prodigious proportions.

According to a survey of executives by employment staffing and consulting services firm Robert Half International, tech companies will hire new employees at roughly half the pace of other industries as the combination of flagging sales, economic upheaval in parts of Europe and the inability to find qualified IT specialists conspire to stymie tech jobs growth in the U.S.

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