CIOs Wrestle With Adopting New Technology

Enterprise IT buyers don’t lack for choices when it comes to buying technology. In addition to the vendors they already use, competitors and startups aggressively pursue IT buyers to try and win a piece of their business.

At the DEMO conference, a panel of two CIO’s and one CTO discussed their approach to buying technology from startups. While it’s extremely unlikely any large company is going to make a wholesale technology change overnight, CIO Update reports the panelists are ready to engage with startups under certain conditions.

As the article also details, IT departments are becoming increasingly more flexible in their approach to technology adoption including consumer technologies, from smartphones to social networks.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — How do enterprise CIOs decide which new technology products and services to adopt?

“I see a see a lot of pure-play vendors who assume, for example, if they have a product that works with Google Docs that’s all they need,” Ralph Loura, CIO at the Clorox Company, said during the panel discussion here at the DEMO conference Tuesday. “We are looking at using Google in some areas, but any solution has to co-exist with Office, PowerPoint and the other apps we’re going to continue to use.”

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CIOs Discuss How They Approach Emerging Technology

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