Seagate Laptop Drive Scores Gov. Security Cert

Seagate has proudly announced that the government has signed off on its Momentus laptop drives, awarding the product the sought-after Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 certification. The Momentus is the first hard drive with native encryption to receive the certification.

In a practical sense, Seagate’s win gives it a leg up on competitors looking to do business with the government or in industries where extreme security is paramount, such as health care. Small Business Computing takes a look.

Storage player Seagate on Tuesday said it has reached a major milestone in keeping credit cards — not to mention government secrets — safe from prying eyes.

The company’s new Momentus laptop drive has earned the coveted Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 certification. That puts Seagate in front of the pack in bidding for U.S. government agencies and regulated industries such as health care, defense and financial services.

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Seagate Laptop Drives Geared for Top Secret Data

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