Cisco, B2 Team for Broadband, VoIP in Sweden

Swedish telco Bredbandsbolaget (B2) has teamed with Cisco Systems Inc. to bring high-speed Internet access and other services to the region.

The two companies will co-develop, market and manage broadband services targeting home users

They also plan to “exploit the potential of broadband in the home” throughout Europe as well. By starting in Sweden, Cisco (CSCO) and B2 will be set to launch through the region’s most liberalised telecom market.

B2 was established just last year by Internet consultant Framtidsfabriken (Framfab), but has taken the stronghold in broadband in Scandinavia. Investors in the company’s planned $1.7 billion broadband network include Intel, Investor and Novestra.

The company currently offers broadband connections to more than 500,000 consumers in Sweden.

B2 recently signed deals with HSB, Sweden’s leading association for tenant-owned apartments, for home-based Net access, and with Ericsson to supply technology for the infrastructure.

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