Cisco Canada Debuts Next-Generation IP Phones

Cisco Systems Canada
rolled out this week a range of new Internet Protocol-based voice solutions
targeted to the Canadian business market.

The company introduced a second generation of Internet Protocol Phones, Call
Processing, and integrated telephony functionality.

Ten products were announced as part of the second generation of AVVID
(Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data) solutions for Internet

Layered on top of the AVVID architecture is a series of business
applications such as desktop videoconferencing, unified messaging, and
integrated call centers.

These further reinforce the business benefit of Internet telephony by
leveraging a converged network of voice, video, and data to implement
productivity-enhancing business tools.

Cisco also disclosed a third party research study that supports the cost
effectiveness and flexibility of replacing traditional PBX and Centrex
systems with a new generation of Internet phones.

The study, conducted by the Telecom Applications Research Alliance,
indicates that the use of Voice over Internet Protocol could yield potential
savings of up to 35 percent, versus traditional Centrex or PBX systems.

Also this week, Cisco and KPMG announced
the installation of 350 IP phones in KPMG’s Toronto-based Consulting

KPMG Consulting will be extending their IP Telephony network to connect with
its six Internet Broadband Solution Centers located around the world.

To date, Cisco has deployed over 50,000 IP phones globally, including all
phone users in its Toronto-based Canadian headquarters, which migrated to IP
late last year.

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