Cisco Systems Buys Wireless Telephony, Net Product Firms

Cisco Systems Inc. fortfied its ability
to offer wireless voice services and appliances Thursday
with its acquisition of privately-held firms InfoGear Technology Corp. and JetCell Inc. for a combined $501
million in stock.

Cisco (CSCO) paid $301 million for InfoGear, with the remaining $200 million being spent on JetCell. The giant
currently holds minority stakes of less than 8 and 10 percent in InfoGear and JetCell, respectively.

Cisco bought InfoGear to offer service providers, consumer-based businesses and vertical markets a
comprehensive solution to deliver and manage services to multiple types of information appliances.
Its 74 employees will be led by InfoGear Chief Executive Officer Ed Cluss and will join
Cisco’s small and medium line of business led by Senior Vice President Charles Giancarlo.

Using JetCell’s wireless telephony solution, Cisco’s enterprise customers
will be able to add the convenience of mobility to voice-over-IP (Internet
Protocol) services.

JetCell’s wireless solution supports the standard Global System for Mobile
communication wireless technology and IP, which will allow Cisco to offer
its enterprise customers mobile voice and data services over IP-based
corporate networks.

This will give employees the ability to use a standard cellular phone to
access their corporate voice services and roam between their private
corporate network and public cellular networks with uninterrupted service.
JetCell is currently engaged in a number of technology trials with service

JetCell’s 46 employees will be led by its Chief Eexecutive Officer Dave
McClure and will join Cisco’s enterprise line of business led by Senior Vice
President James Richardson.

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