Collective Wisdom Launches European Profile

[Italy] — Filling the need for up-to-date research on Europe’s $420 billion
Internet market, Collective
, a prime architect behind the continent’s B2B, B2C, and BAME
(brick and mortar extension) buildout, has introduced Europe Profile, a
monthly, free distribution report.

“Europe is the fastest growing Internet market today,” explains Mark
Abouzeid, president of Collective Wisdom. “According to EC figures,
approximately 101.3 million people in Western Europe will have access to the
Internet by 2001, with e-commerce revenues expected to reach $420 billion by

Despite the rapid development, obtaining accurate data relating to Internet
demographics, e-commerce statistics, leading Web sites, hosts, ISPs, and
facts and figures on European net growth, user penetration, WAP
developments, and more. All of this is laid out in a monthly, one-page
format that combines texts with charts and graphics for easy comprehension.

“We discovered that a problem facing all e-business operators was lack of
market information,” Abouzeid said. “European Profile resolves this problem.
Each month the report focuses on a specific country, and every quarter an
update of the overall Europe report is released. To receive the monthly
European Profile free of charge, one merely sends a request by e-mail to
[email protected]

Simultaneously, the founder of Collective Wisdom, Italy’s only Internet 500
firm, announced that it had entered a strategic partnership with OnLine
Communications, one of the United States’ leading pharmaceutical agencies
specializing in Web and broadband infrastructures. The joint
marketing/business partnership, according to Abouzeid, will allow the
companies to offer a full-range of skills to such clients as American
College of Cardiology, Baxter Pharmaceutical Council, Johnson & Johnson,
National Institute of Health, Proctor & Gamble, Pfizer and Pharmacia.

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