Combatting Digital Crime

Threatened by the rapid growth of digital crime, local companies are teaming up to share data to combat this trend. has learned that tomorrow’s Computer Related Investigations Management & Education (C.R.I.M.E) meeting in Portland will be featuring local digital crime expert Scott Carr, VP of Digimarc’s Secure Documents group. Carr is the co-inventor of 26 pending patents in the U.S. and three pending
foreign patents in the use of digital watermarking technology as a security feature.

At tomorrow’s meeting, Carr will be discussing a new Digimarc technology that’s being used by both corporations such as Pitney Bowes and government agencies to deter digital counterfeiting.

Digimarc’s watermarking technologies allow digital data to be imperceptibly embedded in traditional and digital visual content, including movies, photographic or artistic images, and valuable documents such as financial instruments, passports and event tickets. These technologies are used in a wide variety of applications,including solutions that deter counterfeiting, piracy and other unauthorized uses.

C.R.I.M.E. meets every second Tuesday in Portland at the Airtouch Cellular building.

Most of Portland-based C.R.I.M.E’s meetings are attended by local, state and federal law enforcement, IT mangers, University representatives and security experts. Local partners include Airtouch Cellular, Intel, Techtronix Corp. and Boeing.

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