CompuServe, Net2Phone Shake On Calling Card Deal

CompuServe Tuesday inked a two-year agreement with Net2Phone Inc. that will provide CompuServe’s U.S. members with Net2Phone Net
telephony calling card services.

Though specific details of the deal were not disclosed, the companies reported it was a multi-million dollar deal.

CompuServe will promote prepaid and post-paid phone-to-phone Net telephony cards for CompuServe customers, allowing users to place calls over Net2Phone’s (NTOP) IP network to virtually anywhere in the world at reduced rates.

The calling cards will be marketed throughout CompuServe and Net2Phone will handle back-end
fulfillment, including the rating, routing, authorization, and customer service. Net2Phone will be the
exclusive provider of Internet telephony phone-to-phone calling cards on CompuServe for one year.

“As the Internet’s value leader, we are delighted to offer our Custom Solutions, CompuServe 2000,
CompuServe 2000 Premier, and Classic members the benefits of Net2Phone’s services,” said Audrey
Weil, general manager for CompuServe.

“With Net2Phone’s low-cost IP telephony calling cards,
members can communicate with friends, family, and co-workers easily and affordably.”

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