Control Over ‘’ Domains Takes New Turn

Independent Australian domain name
registrar NetRegistry has acted
on what it calls “unacceptable service levels” and offered to take over
management of the ‘’ domain name space.

NetRegistry said it wants to streamline the application process for
‘’ names, which is currently managed by the .au Domain Administration (auDA).

According to NetRegistry’s own calculations, the average approval time for
a ‘’ name is 25 days, and 21 per cent of applications are drifting
in the limbo between acceptance and rejection.

The company maintained it could cut this approval time down to a
“guaranteed” two working days.

NetRegistry has not expressed a desire to permanently manage
registrations. Instead, it is offering a cost free administration for 12
months “while the auDA establishes itself and displays leadership in .au
domain space administration”, said NetRegistry CEO Larry Bloch.

The auDA has not yet responded to NetRegistry’s offer.

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