Cordoda Forecasts Significant Interest In Secured Internet Infrastructure

Cordoda Corporation Sdn. Bhd., a network service provider in Malaysia, expects to see a significant increase in the demand for secure Internet infrastructure as more businesses in the country adopt e-business strategies to remain competitive.

Noting the maturing of major re-structuring exercises in Malaysia’s financial services industry, Cordoda’s chief operating officer Shane Hodge said financial institutions are now gearing up for market consolidation and the entry of foreign banking institutions in the near term by looking to invest in Internet technologies and e-business solutions.

“Internet banking and electronic payments will become a common feature of Malaysian consumer lifestyle in the near future. Our banks and financial institutions are ready and exploring,” he said.

“[But] for Internet banking to be widely offered and adopted in Malaysia, it is critical that the Internet infrastructure is secure, redundant and reliable. The success of Internet banking depends upon the availability of such infrastructure that offers comprehensive accessibility and almost-guaranteed coverage.”

Cordoda, through its 18-node nationwide enterprise broadband network (EBN), provides a comprehensive solution to the accessibility and info-communications needs of the banking and finance sectors in Malaysia.

Built at a cost of RM 47 million (US$12.4 million), the EBN was launched early this year and now supports 54 customers in the manufacturing, financial services and retail industries, including TA Securities, Lon Pac Insurance, and Triumphal Associates.

“We have already seen a significant interest in our enterprise broadband network – not only from content-rich application providers seeking the distribution channels, but also local corporations planning to deliver solutions and services to their customers via the Internet,” Hodge said.

“The banks and the financial institutions, especially, are aggressively pursuing opportunities to gain the competitive advantage in their respective markets.”

Cordoda’s managed network security offerings under its EBN encompass access control and protection from malicious attacks, VPN capabilities, network address translation (NAT), intrusion detection, protective response, demilitarized zone (DMZ) service, 24×7 monitoring, management, real-time reporting, and a defined escalation procedure.

These services enable customers to receive the expertise, guidance and accountability that are essential in managing info-communications technology, thus providing them with a proven and cost-effective solution.

The company obtained its Application Server License under the 1998 Communications and Multimedia Act of Malaysia, and went further to receive Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status in February this year.

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