Crayon Crawler Protects Children Online

1st Net Technologies has released a beta version 4.0 of its
secure Internet browser for children, Crayon Crawler.

The browser’s features
include a chat room, automatic blocking of vulgarity, and a closed e-mail
system that eliminates not only spam but all types of unwanted messages.

Among Crayon Crawler’s features is instant messaging, which lets children
discover exactly who else is online at the same time. Users can send either
voice or text messages to each other. Another feature, expected soon, will be
the Talking Book Reader, a program that will allow children to have animated
characters read to them.

“The Crayon Crawler is the
first product of its kind to not only safeguard our kids from the pornography
that is rampant on the Internet, but also offers them pre-approved,
child-friendly content that can be customized to the specific needs and
boundaries of each household,” said Greg Writer, CEO of 1st Net Technologies.

Crayon Crawler’s local and remote Web site storage enables site navigation
that can be under the control of a child’s parents or kept within the bounds of
the closed community.

The vendor is making up to 5,000 downloads available free online, while
parents will also be able to obtain the CD ROM beta version for $20.

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