CyberMedia Unleashes New Guard Dog

CyberMedia Inc.
today announced the release of an enhanced version of its Guard Dog Internet privacy software product.

Guard Dog 2.0 is designed to protect Internet users against invasions of privacy, security and virus threats, automatically keeping Web browsing habits private and controlling “cookies” and related technologies used by third parties to track online behavior.

The software’s features include: an identity protector, an enhanced cookie
blocker, a Web trail cleaner, and a search filter. In addition, Guard Dog
2.0 also automatically blocks attempts to destroy or capture data on a
user’s PC through file guardian, gatekeeper and password manager

CyberMedia said that since browser makers constantly release patches
against new security holes, Guard Dog 2.0 is able to check the user’s
browser to ensure the
latest updates have been added and the correct security level is reached.

“The growth of the Internet has put consumer information and personal
privacy at risk,” explained Tim Petras, CyberMedia’s manager of privacy and security products. “Incidents of ‘identity theft’ are on the rise. Social security numbers, credit card numbers, and personal access codes to bank accounts are vulnerable.”

Owner of Guard Dog 1.0 are eligible for a $20 mail-in rebate with proof of ownership. Guard Dog 2.0 retails for an estimated price of $59.95. It runs on any IBM-compatible computer with a 486 or higher processor and requires Windows 95 or Windows 98, 16MB RAM, 20MB free hard disk space, 256-color VGA monitor, Windows-compatible sound card and an existing Internet connection.

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