CyberSafe Releases Centrax Upgrade

Network security provider CyberSafe
Wednesday announced the release of Centrax 2.2, an upgrade
to its newly-acquired intrusion detection product suite.

The announcement was made at the Internet Security Conference. According
to CyberSafe, Centrax 2.2 is the first product to integrate host and
network based intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, and policy
management under a single interface.

“Integrating vulnerability assessment and policy management into host and
network based intrusion detection demonstrates our commitment to
value-added network security solutions,” said Jim Cannavino, CyberSafe
chairman and CEO. “Centrax 2.2 provides the most advanced combination of
technologies in the intrusion detection industry.”

Centrax 2.2 features also include real-time host-based monitoring for
immediate alert and response, personalized detection and response policies,
and filter alert and threat information.

Host-based intrusion detection identifies and responds to attacks from
within an organization, which accounts for 80 percent of unauthorized
access, while network-based intrusion detection monitors for attacks from
the outside.

Centrax 2.2 monitors all
user activity, from file access to the movement of users through an
organization’s network. Centrax alerts the system administrator to
inappropriate activity and gives the administrator the options of logging
off the user, disabling their account, or shutting down their system.

Centrax also analyzes each computer to determine weaknesses which could be
exploited by a hacker, and provides instructions to eliminate vulnerabilities.

CyberSafe supplies security to enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle and MVS.

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