Cybersource, Ruksun Work On Wireless E-Mail

Cybersource Pte Ltd, a Singapore
software company, has signed an agreement with India’s Ruksun Software
Technologies Ltd, the developer of an online Calendar software called Easy Diary.

Easy Diary is an Internet-based diary with a strong messaging component;
the application sends e-mail messages when members set up meetings and

An e-mail alert is sent when a meeting is confirmed or cancelled or there
is a change in the venue or the time of the meeting.

Cybersource is deploying a system called the Global Messaging System (GMS)
which provides Internet sites and wireless operators the ability to combine
Internet content and wireless hand held communications devices.

The cooperation between Ruksun and Cybersource creates a innovative
platform where Easy Diary messages can be sent to cellular phones or pagers.

According to Cybersource representatives, the GMS is currently deployed in
Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

In this cooperation with Easy Diary, Cybersource has integrated the Easy
Diary messaging functionality with the various wireless operators in the

“This is the era of mobile and networked users. Internet users are getting
very savvy and they want information that can get to them, irregardless of
time and place,” explained Wong Jeat Shyan, Director of Cybersource Pte
Ltd. “The GMS system, working with Easy Diary service will provide this
convenience for users, bringing information to everywhere.”

“The wireless alert feature brings a new dimension to Internet content
providers, like Easy Diary, and their users.” he added

The wireless alert service will be offered in the next few weeks in Asia.

“Initially, this service will be made available to operators in Malaysia,
Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore,” added Wong. “Our intention is to be
truly global in such services and we expect to have similar services in
North Asia and US in a few months.”

“We are working very actively to partner with different content providers,
to bring about a complete suite of services to the users and the
operators.”, elaborate Wong.

Cybersource has signed a few other content partners from Malaysia and
Singapore, and will be having more joining from US, Hong Kong and Taiwan,
according to Wong.

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