Czech GSM Operator to Offer Mobile Internet

Czech GSM operator RadioMobil, which runs the Paegas network, has announced a huge investment into GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology.

Initial RadioMobil‘s investments
will exceed 400 million Kc (US$12 million) and the final volume of investments is estimated to be up to 1 billion Kc (US$30 million).

“The Paegas network will be one of the world’s first networks to offer GPRS-based services to its customers,” said Klaus Tebbe, general director of RadioMobil.

Users of GSM phones rely on a network utilizing the GPRS “always on” technology.

“The new technology represents the brightest evidence of continuing
convergence in the telecommunications sector, where differences between
the world of fixed and mobile communication and the world of computers
and computer networks are slowly removed,” said Robert Chvatal, RadioMobil’s marketing director.

Motorola was chosen by RadioMobil as the supplier of GPRS technology.
Motorola and Cisco Systems are expected to invest more
than US$ 1 billion into research and development in this arena during
next four to five years.

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