damango Announces New ASP Service

Kairos damango Inc. Friday announced a new Internet service that provides users with a free online account which allows users to access hundreds of applications on-demand using any Java-enabled device.

damango is unlike typical application service providers who deliver applications through Web browsers or other applications that were designed to only operate on a specific interface. In comparison, damango leverages its Speiros technology, an all-Java network operating system developed by Cyrus InterSoft, to deliver “full-fledged” applications to the user’s local desktop, which can be an office workstation, home computer or airport kiosk.

The process of using an application with damango is simple:

  • The user downloads the free Speiros client application
  • They then log on to their damango account from anywhere
  • They can then access damango’s services, including a customizable Speiros environment, damango’s application catalog, and online file storage space
  • Applications “stream” to the user’s computer at the click of a button
  • All of the applications are written in Java, so users will be able to access runtime versions from any hardware platform

Until now, if a user wanted to work on a file from another location, they would have to email an attachment or copy the file to disk and carry it with them. By using damango, users have a virtual presence on the Internet where they can store and access files from any platform.

damango is a “next generation” application service provider which focuses on delivering full
desktop computing on demand to any Java-enabled Net device. damango goes beyond the Web browser to allow users to run desktop applications from anywhere, any time, regardless of platform or operating system.

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