Dell Launches Free Internet Service Across Europe

Dell Computer Tuesday announced the launch of DellNet, a free, pan-European Internet service that will come pre-installed
on all new Dimension PCs with Windows 98.

This latest offering in the free Internet “free-for-all” has come about as a result of the company’s agreement with BT and Excite. It uses software from BT to connect with ISPs across Europe, while using Excite’s portal technology for

“The DellNet
Service simply provides the most easy-to-use and hassle-free way of connection to the Internet, whether you are a first time user or already have an existing provider,” said Dell EMEA president Jan Gesmar-Larsen. “A simple download from the relevant DellNet Web site provides immediate access with no need for installation or registration.”

Users will be able to customise their start pages with Excite’s content and layout personalisation tools.

Launched initially in the UK, DellNet is already running as a portal and will be fully operational by June 21. France and Germany are scheduled next, with other European countries to follow
at a later date.

Already very active online, Dell EMEA recently announced its online sales of computers rose to US$4 million a day in the first quarter of 1999.

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