Dell Opens Israeli E-Commerce Site

Dell Israel will soon launch the Israeli version of its much-touted e-commerce site, part of its plan to adopt and operate a global direct sales method.

Following this model, Dell Computer Co. intends to sell directly to end-users through its existing distributors in the Israeli market: Eldor, Wang Global and Unitek. All sales and marketing will be handled via the Internet, thus neither the distributors nor the manufacturer would have to maintain supplies.

Dell puts its main effort in the new Internet site, through which users will be able to buy a computer directly from Dell. The site was built using Microsoft’s SiteServer technology.

Dell plans to create a new relationship with the distributors and make the sales-chain more efficient, and thus more beneficial to the customer, regardless of the size of the customer’s business, said Raanan Beaber, chairman of Dell Israel.

“Every employee at Microsoft, in the Israeli or the American affiliates, will be able to view the special prices the company gets through a specific agreement that was signed with them,” says Beaber. For such corporate customers, Dell created a direct access Web site to communicate with the ordering center in Ireland.

“We see the Israeli market as a very important one, and because of the intensified activity in the hi-tech field, we have decided to invest in it and give it a high priority,” said John Moore, chairman of Dell Europe.

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