Demandbase, LivePerson Tailor Real-Time Chat

Businesses have been expanding their use of online chat services for several years now. These services let companies connect more directly with customers while they’re online considering a purchase or wading through help screens trying to get a problem resolved.

But there is still some friction involved in the process. For example, online sales agents typically have to qualify a potential customer with a series of questions before they can sell them. eCRMGuide reports on a new service designed to make online chat sessions for business more effective.

Demandbase has enhanced the capability of the Real-Time ID service it introduced last month by integrating it with LivePerson’s live chat platform. The combination of the Demandbase Business Identification application with LivePerson is designed to give sales agents and support personnel a leg up on identifying customers’ needs before they engage them.

The Demandbase Business ID app includes such information as a website visitor’s company, industry, size, location and customer status. LivePerson provides a rules engine designed to automatically prioritize and connect visitors to the most appropriate live agent or support person.

The combination of the two can, for example, route a chat session to the right agent for a particular industry or to someone who handles either existing or new customers. The “data resolution” to make the right connection happens in milliseconds and does not involve the use of cookies.

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