Desktop Trainer Video-Based CBT For Netshow

and MicroVideo Learning
today released their MicroVideo Desktop Trainer 3.01
Interactive Video Training for NetShow.

The CBT application allows users in a corporate network environment, or over
the Internet, to receive video-based training using a Web browser.

“We have built the most extensive video-on-demand training application
the Internet has seen with respect to Microsoft training products,” said
Jeff Popovich, vice president of marketing for Multimedia Solutions.
MicroVideo Learning Systems provided over 25 hours of digital video
training tutorials and thousands of video help topics.

For example, a user can be working in Word 97 and receive real-time video
help on demand, or even take a full course online while working with the
actual application. After completing a course module, a user can take a quiz
to test their skill sets.

The application was developed primarily for high speed and broadband
Internet users with data rates of 128Kbps or more; however, the same
programs are available on CD-ROM or video server.

“We see a large movement of end users to xDSL and Cable Modem connections,
and we want to be able to offer these users a product that suits their needs
by offering high quality video and audio on demand,” said Travis Hudelson,
executive vice president, MicroVideo Learning Systems.

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