Infoseek, iVillage Launch Channel for Women

Sunnyvale, CA-based Infoseek Corp. and iVillage launched an information and
navigation channel for women on the Infoseek service.

Under the exclusive two-year agreement, Infoseek will provide its female
audience with content from The Women’s Network (and AOL keyword:
iVillage), already the industry’s No. 1 women’s network according to Media
Metrix. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“Infoseek and iVillage are the perfect partners to produce a women’s channel
because of both companies’ proven success with female viewers,” said Harry
Motro, president and CEO of Infoseek. “The Internet audience is beginning to
mirror that of traditional consumer media’s largely female viewership.
Infoseek already has the highest percentage of female viewers of any Internet
portal. The new channel allows us to provide quality programming for this
audience in one convenient place.” content will be easily accessible to new online users who search
the Web using the Infoseek navigation service. Going to Infoseek’s home page
and clicking on “Women” will take users to a number of information categories,
including Family and Relationships, Body and Mind, and Work and Money, and
draw from best-of-breed branded communities at, such as Parent
Soup,, Better
Health, Armchair Millionaire, and others.

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